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The Ultimate BadBoyHalo Quiz!

Are you a BadBoyHalo expert? Here's your chance to prove it by taking this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

If you love Minecraft, YouTubers and tiny dogs, this is the quiz for you! Test your BadBoyHalo knowledge now...

1/12 BadBoyHalo on Twitter
@BadBoyHalo | Twitter

What is BadBoyHalo's real name?

2/12 Video game practice

BadyBoyHalo was born in 1995. What was the biggest-selling game that year?

3/12 BadBoyHalo's Twitch profile pic
BadBoyHalo | Twitch

What was he originally called when he started out on YouTube?

4/12 Minecraft pig

He's a fan of Minecraft and hosts a server devoted to the game. What's it called?

5/12 Skeppy and BadBoyHalo on Minecraft
@BadBoyHalo | Twitter

BadBoyHalo is a member of which YouTube gaming gang?

6/12 How tall is BadBoyHalo

He once revealed his height during a livestream. If a Beano is 1cm high, what's his height in comics?

7/12 United States map

In which American stare does he live?

8/12 BadBoyHalo's dog Lucy
@badboyhalo_ | Instagram

He's the proud owner of a Maltese dog named Lucy. What is his dog's nickname?


How many subscribers had he achieved by his 25th birthday?

10/12 BadBoyHalo on his YouTube channel
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

What is BadBoyHalo said to be afraid of?

11/12 BadBoyHalo's Minecraft character

Which of the following is not a typical BadBoyHalo saying?

12/12 Minecraft
Mojang | Minecraft

On YouTube, BadBoyHalo passed the 2 million subscriber mark in which year?

Result: Oh no
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Result: Good try
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

Good try! Why not have another go soon?

Result: Great work
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

Great work! You know about about BadBoyHalo, don't you?

Result: Wow
BadBoyHalo | YouTube

Wow! We're guessing you're either a BadBoyHalo expert or the man himself! Well done.