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Beanotown's Most Haunted: The Pumpkin King Quiz!

How much do you know about Beanotown's most rotten gourd, the Pumpkin King?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 4th 2022

The Pumpkin King returns this Halloween as part of our spooky game, Six Sleeps at Bunkerton! But how much do you know about this hollow orange monster? Take this quiz and see if you're a gourd expert!

1/10 Pumpkin King in Bunkerton Castle

In which Beano boomic did the Pumpkin King first appear?

2/10 Dennis and Gnasher in Bunkerton Castle

Some people are scared of Halloween. What's this phobia called?

3/10 JJ and Rubi wearing clothes pegs on their noses with science equations in the background

Who made the Vegetable Super Growth Serum which accidentally created evil Pumpkin King?

4/10 A carrot growing out of the soil

Who used that serum in a bid to win a gardening competition?

5/10 The Pumpkin King in Bunkerton Castle

The Pumpkin King is quite big, but no record breaker. In pounds, how heavy was the heaviest pumpkin?

6/10 A statue

Pumpkin comes the Greek word 'pepon'. What does that mean?


Who's this pretending to be the Pumpkin King?

8/10 A crown

Why do kings and queens wear crowns?

9/10 A selection of vegetables and a vampire

The pumpkin is a vegetable. True or false?


What is the Pumpkin King's actual name?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! The Pumpkin King is not pleased with your efforts! Not the result you were expecting either? Why not have another go and you might do a bit better! You've got this!

Result: Not bad

Not bad at all! You know a bit about the Pumpkin King, but not enough to get the top score. Not the result you wanted? Why not have another go? You can do this!

Result: Great work

Great work! You knowledge of the Pumpkin King is very good inded! Think you can do even better? Try again and you could get top marks!

Result: Wow

Wow! Your knowledge of the Pumpkin King is second to none and shows that you're some kind of expert when it comes to Halloween-themed villains. Sweet!