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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: August 5th 2022

This game will make anyone feel relaxed!

Modern life is so fast-paced, isn’t it? Everyone’s rushing around like Billy Whizz and you sometimes might feel like you have to go about your day at the speed of light to keep up. Get up, get dressed, eat your breakfast and go to school. There’s so much to do before it’s even 9am! The moments to relax are rarer than a hen’s baseball cap.

So why not take this moment to close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep breath. And relax. Right, that’s enough of that business! We’ve got a painting game for you to check out!

To play Colour Painting is straightforward. Tap and swap the different tiles around until they match their surrounding colours. When you’ve completed the level correctly, you’ll hear a pleasing sound after which you can take a step back and admire your artistic efforts. And then it’s on to the next level.

Be warned, this game may make you feel relaxed. It might even make you feel sleepy, so please don’t fly a massive jumbo jet or operate a big crane while you play. Leave that to the grown ups, because you’ve got some enjoyable painting to do.