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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: November 1st 2022

Countdown to Christmas!

It’s November ALREADY, which can only mean one thing – CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

November is filled with little tidbits to celebrate, from Bonfire Night to Thanksgiving. But if you’re dead-set on December, then this is the calendar for you!

Come back every day to see what content we have in store for you, to get you in the mood for some festive fun. Click to open up our special 1-month calendar, to reveal the Winter wonderland underneath.

Tap on today’s date to peel off the hastily-sketchy sticky note (covered in puns, of course!) to reveal a special piece of content that we’ve laid out for you. From Christmas quizzes, to panto pranks, and everything in between, this is your one-stop daily shop for holiday happiness.

But be careful – the calendar only works in November! Don’t even bother trying to get past the Gnashmoji pop-up in any other month of the year.