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80 Games for Kids to Play at Home

Feeling bored? Got nothing to do? Check out this list of fun games to play indoors or outdoors when things are a bit meh!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 13th 2022

Hey you! Yes, you - are you bored? Do you want to learn about loads of cool indoor games for kids, outdoor games for kids, and just generally awesome fun games? Well, look no further - we've got a list of activities to stop you ever getting bored again!

Games Without Equipment

1. I Spy

This is a classic game! All you need is a little eye and a detective's nose for detail. Simply spot things in your immediate environment and see if your game partner can guess what you're referring to.

2. Charades

Here's the chance to act out the title of a song, film or a book without making a sound (or mouthing the actual answer) in front of your friends. You have one minute per title and swap with your game partner or other team. Your grandparents used to watch a TV show based on this game called Give Us A Clue and it was awesome, if charades was your thing!

3. Duck Duck Goose

For this game, you'll need a group of friend who are willing to sit facing each other in a circle on the floor. One person will go around each person and call them a 'duck' apart from one random player, who will be called a 'goose'. The goose must chase that person and try to tag them, before they sit where the goose was originally. If the, er, non-goose gets caught, they must start the game again. Repeat until you're all exhausted.

4. Sardines

This is hide and seek with a different and doesn't involve the fragrant tinned fish. Pick someone at random – they're the first person to hide. The rest of you will try and find them, and when you do, you have to join them until there's one person looking for everyone else! It's probably best for the first person to hide to pick somewhere you and your gang can keep out of sight!

5. Hide and Seek

This is the opposite of Sardines. One person is picked to be the seeker and the rest of you have to hide. Remember, giggling when someone is near will give the game away.

Hide and Seek game

6. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

One person starts the game by choosing something which will fall into the animal, mineral, or vegetable category. You and your game partners must ask a series of questions that can only be answered with a 'yes' or 'no' response. If no-one can guess within 20 questions, the person who thought of the answer wins! Keep score and see how competitive your friends and family can be!

7. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Who hasn't spent a long journey playing this simple but competitive game? Rock, paper, scissors – go! Remember: your fist is a rock, a flat hand is paper and scissors are made with sticking two fingers out. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and for reasons we don't understand, paper beats rock. Keep a score and play forever. It never gets boring!

8. Alphabet Game

Two people must improvise a conversation, with each person beginning their sentence with a letter from the alphabet – in order. "Alright, Pieface?" "Blam, Dennis. You? "Couldn't be better..." See if you can get to the end of the alphabet without making a mistake. Good luck to whoever gets to the letter Z!

9. Telephone

The more people you get to play this game, the better. Think of a long sentence. Whisper it to one person, then get them to whisper what you said to the next person. Continue this until it reaches the end of the line. This game is hilarious. Wait until the last person repeats what they think was said originally...

A woman using a banana as a telephone

10. Twenty Questions

This is a fantastic game. One person thinks of a celebrity or an object – anything really – and you have 20 questions to ask and work out what the answer is!

11. The Song Game

Here's a game which will test your improvisational skills. Someone will choose a word at random and another person has to sing a song about that word. It could be any word and the song style is up to you.

12. Forty Forty

This game is a little like Hide and Seek and is know by a few other names: Mob Mob or 123 Home. But they're all the same. One person stands at a central location and counts to 40 while everyone else hides in a awesome spot. Once the person counting has reached 40, the people who were hiding have to somehow make their way to the central location and not get caught. First one back get to count during the next game!

13. Red Light, Green Light

You and a group of friends or family must wait behind a starting line. One person must stand behind the finishing line and control the game. If they say 'green light', you can walk – not run – towards the finish line. When you hear 'red light' you must stop. If you're caught moving at this point, you're out of the game. The first person to reach the finishing line is the winner..

14. Simon Says

You don't need a person called Simon to play this game. Get a group of friends and then everyone must choose one person to be 'Simon'. They will say a series of commands, like 'Simon says... put your hands on your head' or 'Simon says... stand on one foot'. If they say a command without 'Simon says' at the beginning, and you do it? Then you're out of the game! Repeat this until one person is left. They're the winner!

15. Copy Cat

This game requires two players. You and your game partner stand about 6 feet apart. One person will do different actions or different poses, and the other must copy them exactly. After a minute, swap over and repeat the game!

16. Statues

This game is similar to Red Light Green Light, but instead of the controller shouting that, they shout a shape or a pose you have to make as they turn around. If you move or even fall over, you're out of the game!

Indoor Games

17. Keep the Balloon Up!

This one is really easy to do and will cause total mayhem. Get someone to blow up a handful of balloons and don’t let them touch the floor. You could either set a timer or try and set a record! Or if you’re on your own for a bit, why not practice the art of slow-motion keepie ups using one balloon instead of a normal football.

Balloon Game

18. Balloon Tennis or Balloon Volleyball!

Recreate the thrills and atmosphere of Wimbledon by transforming your living room into a tennis court. You could make a net by tying some string between two chairs and draping a table cloth over the middle. Use a balloon and rulers or stirring spoons for tennis, or your bare hands and steely nerve for volleyball. Remember to drink water and take occasional breaks.

19. Touch and Feel Boxes

You will need a couple of medium-sized cardboard boxes for this one. Get an adult to cut to holes in the front of the boxes, so you can put your hands. Then you and your family or friends can put mystery items in the box, blindfold the participant who will attempt to guess what you've placed inside. Remember to choose things which are tactile: cuddly toys or a cup of slime!

20. Sorting

This game requires a few tubs or boxes and a selection of items. You and your game partner can decide what quality each item has and then sort them into separate boxes. Shiny objects into one, rough textures in another. That kind of thing. Or if you have a gigantic pile of odd socks, you could both try to pair them up in the quickest time possible.

21. Bubbles

For this game, you'll need a big plate, some straws, a small amount of water and a tiny blob of washing up liquid. The aim of the game is to see who can use their straw to blow the biggest single bubble. The trick is to dab the end of your straw in the washing up liquid and when it's in the water, blow through the straw slowly and carefully. It's trickier than you think! Remember to rinse off the plate at the end as nobody likes soapy carrots.


22. Balance Beam

Don't worry, you don't need to have any gymnasium equipment or those wooden bars you see at the Olympics. You can use masking tape to provide the beam and you can take turns to see who has the skill and balance to walk from one end to the other.

23. Tape Maze

Keep the tape handy as here's another game for you: the Tape Maze. Design a course and try to move a ball around with your feet or nose. Record how quickly you can do it, then see if your friends or family can do it quicker!

24. Design a Driving Course

Don't put the tape away! Now you can mark out a road for a toy car and consider where to put junctions and other obstacles. If you've always wanted to be a town planner, here's a chance to get some work experience!

25. Waste Paper Basketball!

Ball up some sheets of waste paper and empty out a small bin. Now you have a ball and a hoop to perfect your Lebron James skills! Take turns to try and get the paper-ball in the bin-basket. Set a timer and concentrate on your aim!

26. Sock Hockey

Keep your socks handy, turn the basket over and get a wooden spoon or a broom. Now you've got yourself a game of sock hockey and you don't even have to be able to ice skate or wear all those protective pads. Far easier, but be careful with the floors.

27. Hot Potato

Don't put those socks back in the drawer just yet. The rules of this game are simple, don't hold on to the socks for any length of time. Just pass it to the nearest person. Why? Because it's a hot potato. Luckily, you won't burn your fingers on this game, unless you've got really hot socks.


28. Indoor Bowling

Sure, you could travel to your local bowling alley for a game, but what if it's closed or if you just want to stay in your own home? Grab six small pop bottles and fill them with water, and remember to screw the lids tightly on. Position them in a 1-2-3 triangle and bowl a tennis ball from behind a line on the other side of the room.

29. Musical Chairs

This party game is a classic for two reasons: music and chairs. Cue total mayhem, set to a song of your choosing. Whoever is in charge of making the music stop and start will love the power they hold, as everyone scrambles to get a chair. If you're lucky enough to be one of the last few people in the game, don't be the person who walks really slowly when there's a chance to sit down when the music stops.

30. Indoor Obstacle Course

If, like us, you're constantly asked to stop climbing on things around the house, it's probably best to ask permission to create an obstacle course for this game. You could crawl under tables, slither across the sofa like a snake, hop over a cushion on the floor or even use the Balance Beam tape as part of the game. Get someone to time how long it takes you to go from one point to another.

31. The Floor is Lava!

The temperature of lava is about 2000° Fahrenheit, which is hotter than a pizza delivered by the sun. When someone says the floor is made of this molten rock, you must do anything you can to avoid touching the floor. You can use things like sofas or chairs to give you a safe passage across the room. Please note: sofas and chairs are not recommended for real life lava situations.

A rubber duck floating on a river of lava

32. Scavenger Hunt!

This game takes a little preparation, but its totally worth it. You must write out a list of clues for people to follow and help them explore the house. The prize could be a biscuit or a piece of paper declaring that the winner gets to choose a programme to watch that night. Remember to keep your cool and pay attention to the clues!

33. Travelling Scavenger Hunt

This game is the same as above, but played on holiday or a day out.

34. Colour and Number Hunts

This a scavenger hunt for younger members of your family. Instead of leaving a trail of clues that a detective could solve, write down a list of things for them to find: a sock, a slipper, an Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripe Hound. 

35. Puzzle Piece Hunt

Jigsaws are often tricky, even when all of the pieces are safely stored in a box. But if you think they're too easy, why not get someone to hide pieces around your home. When you've collected all the pieces, then it's time to complete the puzzle. Why not time yourself to give the game an even more competitive edge.

36. Glow in the Dark Hunt!

Do you have glow-in-the-dark toys or stickers? Take scavenger hunting to the next level by getting a neutral family member or friend to hide them around the house, then turning off all the lights! Give yourself five minutes and go get 'em!

37. Treasure Hunt with Clues

Do you have pirates in your home? Then they'll love this game. Hide a piece of treasure – this can be anything you like, from a sweet to a box of golden doubloons – and create a series of clues around the house. The person with the most pirate-like qualities will find the treasure in no time. You are not to sail a ship into the house, or accept help from talkative parrots. Those are the rules.

38. Blindfold Drawing

Grab some paper, pens and a blindfold. Two teams – lets say two people each – take turns in trying to guess what the other team are drawing while blindfolded. You have a minute to guess. Do this five times and see who has the most points for guessing correctly! It's really difficult but fun, too!

39. Coin Flip

For this game, you'll need a plastic cup and a big handful of pennies. Place the cup at one end of the carpet in your living room (or on a rug, so you don't bounce pennies off a hard floor) and sit with your pile of cash. Slowly and carefully, try to gently throw your pennies into the cup. It's harder than you think, but very satisfying once you get the hang of it!

Roman coin

40. Shoebox Football

If you've got an old shoebox, you can make your own table football game! You'll need some 12-inch wooden sticks, some clothing pegs and some coloured pens. Each team should have a goalkeeper and five players – or pegs – on the rest of the pitch. We suggest two defenders and three attackers, each clipped onto the stick which is pierced through the side of the box. Ask a grown up to help you cut a goal in each end of the pitch and don't forget to mark some pitch markings on the bottom of the box. Use a ping pong ball or a marble and you've got yourself all the thrills of professional football!

41. Paper Aeroplane Landing Strips

You'll need some paper to make aeroplanes, and some masking tape. Take a long piece of masking tape and put it along somewhere like a hallway. At one end, make another line with tape. That's where you'll throw your paper aeroplanes from. At the other end, mark out four sections from the end, maybe 12 inches apart. This will be your point scoring zones – 10, 20, 30 and 40. Now take turns throwing your paper aeroplanes in a straight line and see how far they can fly. If they land in your point scoring zone, you win those points. Keep a score and the winner can be called Top Pilot for the day.

42. Two Truths and a Lie

Each person writes down two things about themselves which is completely true, plus a gigantic whopper of a fib. Your friends have to work out which of the three facts is a lie. Be creative!

43. Sprouts

Grab your paper and pens to play a game named after the most farty of vegetables: SPROUTS! This game requires two players and you begin by drawing some random dots on a page. Then each player takes a turn to draw a curved line between two different spots. You can draw a new spot on that line, but you can't draw more than three lines from any spot. The last player who can draw a line is the winner.


44. Laser Maze!

In any cool cartoon or film, there's always a scene where a series of lasers are activated to create a tangled wall to protect something of value. Your heroes normally have to twist and turn their bodies in order to get past these bright obstacles – if they touch the laser, that's the end of the game. Now you can play it. If you have masking tape – or painter's tape which is safer on painted surfaces – and long strips of paper, you can make your own laser obstacle course in a hallway. See if you or your friends can navigate this fiendish, laser-y maze!

45. The Ping Pong Tape Challenge

For this one, you'll need a straw, some masking tape and a ping pong ball. The aim of this game is to create a zig-zag track which you will have to guide your ping pong ball along using air from your straw. It's a game of skill and you have to have a steady aim. If your ball goes off course, you have to begin again!

46. Bean Bag Game

Make your own bean bags by putting a handful of coins in a sock, then twisting the top of the sock and bringing it back over itself to seal it. Place some pieces of paper on the floor and write different points on each. Papers with 1 point written on them should be placed close by, and higher points should be placed further away. These are your targets and you should have three bean bags per round. Keep the score and the one with the most points wins! Add some football-style commentary to give the game a sense of tension and drama!

47. The Boy Wizard Paper Aeroplane Football Tournament

Grab some paper aeroplanes and a hula hoop, and you can perfect your super-accurate flying skills. Get your game partner to hold the hula hoops in various positions around the house and begin by throwing your aeroplane from a close distance (you get 1 point for these throws, if you're successful). Then gradually move further and further away and you can award yourself 3 points for these long distance throws. Why not wear a cape and carry a broom for that full Boy Wizard Paper Aeroplane Football Tournament experience?

Stuck at Home? Here's How To Make THE BEST Paper Aeroplane
Stuck at Home? Here's How To Make THE BEST Paper Aeroplane

48. Marble Run

If you've got toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes lying around looking bored, why not involve them in a blam marble run game? Tape them up end to end, making sure there's a few angles here and there and place one end of your monster creation on a higher level, like a sofa and then challenge your friends to see whose marble can roll down to the bottom of the cylindrical course in the quickest time possible?

49. Bottle Timer

For this game, you'll need two big pop bottles and something like a popular crisped rice breakfast cereal or un-popped popcorn kernels. Fill one bottle with the items, then tape the other bottle to it and secure it with sticky tape. It should now look like a big egg timer. Guess how many seconds it will take to empty one bottle into the other. The closest guess wins!

Water bottle

50. The Name Game

This game is similar to 20 Questions, but the difference is the answer is written on a piece of paper and stuck on your forehead!

51. Ping Pong Golf

If you have a few ping pong balls and large plastic cups, then this golf-style game is for you! Simply set up a few cups around the house and see how many attempts it takes to throw your ball into the cup. List the cups in a numbered list, then write down the number of goes next to each one. The person with the smallest score is the golf champ!

Golf ball

52. Potato Waddle

Got a big, raw potato? Fantastic. You are ready to play the Potato Waddle game! All you have to do is put the potato between your knees and try to walk across the room and drop it into a bowl. It's that easy... or is it? This game will not work as well with mashed potato or chips.

53. Ice Explorers

This game needs some preparation and some space in the freezer. Get a small object and freeze it in an ice cube. The aim of the game is to melt the ice cube as quickly as you can to free the object inside. The rules are: no biting or breaking the ice! Just use your breath!

54. Pass the Parcel

You and your friends don't have to be celebrating a birthday to play this game. Get anything from around the house as the 'prize' and wrap it in several layers of paper. Get someone to be in control of the music and let the chaos begin!

55. The Impossible Envelope

Can you draw an open envelope with one continuous line? This is a tricky game to play, which you can do on your own or with a friend. Your pen or pencil cannot leave the paper and you can't go over the same line twice. It's easy if you know how – and it takes a bit of practice!

Owl with envelope

56. The Listening Game

You and your game partner need a variety of household objects which all make different sounds: a glass, a mug, a container of spices. One person must close their eyes while the other taps the objects one at a time. The aim of the game is to correctly guess what each object is!

57. Join the Dots

A game for two players. For this, you'll need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil for this classic game. Start by making 10 rows of 10 dots, all equally spaced out so that they could make a square if you connected them all with a straight line. Each player must connect two dots with one line. If you close four dots to make a square, write your initials in there as you've won that part of the puzzle. Keep going until you've filled the grid, then count up how many you scored!

58. The Relaxing Game

After all this fun activity, you're going to be totally exhausted. It's good to get comfortable and rest once in a while. Why not grab the latest Beano comic and put your feet up?

Outdoor Games

59. Headers and Volleys

Maybe this is game is best played in a garden or a park, just so nothing indoors gets broken. You need four players, one of which will be the goalie. One player will cross the ball in and you must score with a header or a volley, it's as simple as that. You lose a life when you miss, and the goalie loses a life when they let the ball in. You can choose how many lives you start with, but once you've lost them all, you're out!

Phil ES Dogg and team tactics

60. Football Tennis

This game is best played outside too. You'll need at least two players and six at the most. The rules are basically the same of tennis, but your foot is the racquet and you'll kicking the ball over the net - or a row of jumpers or bags will do.

Board Games

61. Dominoes

Ask an elderly relative if they have a box of dominoes. They're bound to have some in a cupboard if you don't have any handy. OK. Here's a quick run through of the rules. Let's start off with a two-player game. Firstly, put all of the dominoes on the table face down (so you don't see any of the spots). Each player selects six dominoes each. Leave the rest alone for now. Now, the player with the highest double will begin the game. They will place a domino on the table and it's up to the other player to match one end of that domino. If they can't, they must pick up a domino from the spare set. Repeat this until one player has no more dominoes left. They are the winner!

62. Domino Toppling

If you're not in the mood for a classic domino game, why not stand them up in a line and knock them all down. When you get more confident with your steady-handed skills, why not create patterns, like a circle or even a spiral. It'll take ages to do and will fall over in a matter of seconds.

63. Shove Penny

This game will have been played by most old people when they were younger. You need some pennies and a big, flat and narrow piece of cardboard (so you don't scratch any tables you play on). Here's a simplified version of the game. Draw 10 lines across the cardboard, which should be the width of one of your coins. Two players take five pennies each, and take turns to nudge the coin from one end of the board and should attempt to get the coin in between the lines. A point will be awarded to each coin in that lined-out section. See how many points you can score using your five coins. If you want to learn the traditional version, ask an elderly relative. They'll teach you all the tules and give you a game!

64. Marbles

Got some marbles? Read on! Make a circle with some string – try and make the diameter a metre wide if you can. Each player should try and choose a big marble to begin with. Then place 10 to 15 smaller marbles in the middle of the circle. You can choose who will begin first by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors (see 37). Make a fist and try to flick your big marble into the circle using your circle. The small marbles you knock out of the circle are yours to keep (for now). If you don't knock any marbles out, you must leave your big marble in the circle and play from there for your next turn. If another player knocks your marble out, then they win the game. Keep playing until every marble has left the circle. Count your marbles and whoever has the most points wins!

A group of marbles

65. Monopoly

This classic board game was first released to the general public in 1935 and every house appears to have a version of some kind. The game is simple, you and your game partners must roll the dice and go around buying different types of property and adding houses and hotels to those areas on the board. If your opponent lands on your property, they must pay you rent. If there's buildings on those areas, they have to give you even more money! During the game, more and more players will be forced to quit when they run out of money. The last player to remain active on the board, wins.

66. Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders – or shoots and ladders if you’re in the US of A – is a board game which is quite easy to replicate with some card, pens and dice. All you need to do is make a 10x10 square grid and number the squares from 1 to 100, beginning in the bottom left hand corner. Connect some squares by drawing some snakes, and then the same again with ladders. Land on a snake and you slither to the bottom of its tail. Land at the bottom of a ladder and climb ever closer to victory. The first to reach 100 is the winner!

67. Draughts

From a distance, this game could be confused for chess, but it's much simpler to play. Some people even call it Checkers. You need two players, a draughts board and 24 circular pieces (12 black and 12 white).

Black has the first move, and both players can only move diagonally forward. No going backwards here, thank you very much. If you piece goes over your opponent's piece, you 'capture' it and it is removed from the board.

68. Tiddlywinks

Tiddlywinks might have a daft name, but it's actually a game of skill. The aim of the game is to press a plastic token on the edge of another plastic token and fire it into a small pot in the centre of your table. You score points for every token you get into the point.

69. Pictionary

If you enjoy charades and love drawing very quickly, then you’ll love the Pictionary board game. Put simply, your team has to guess what you’re drawing and you must answer correctly before your timer runs out. With each correct answer, you move along the board and the first to the end wins! You’ll spend a lot of time laughing as everyone says the most random things in a bid to guess the answer correctly!

70. Scrabble

If you've not played Scrabble before, it's basically like a crossword puzzle, but you create the words with a small amount of word tiles. You and your game partner take turns building the grid of words, while scoring extra points when your letters go across a bonus area on the board.

Scrabble Quiz Thumbnail
Scrabble Quiz Thumbnail

71. Dice Cricket

If you have one die, a pen and some paper, you can recreate the thrills and spills of test match cricket in your own home! Write down the names of the players from both players. You could play a county cricket match, or an international match or even make up your own all-star teams featuring whoever you want. The top two players on the batting team sheet will bat first. Each bowler will get six rolls of the dice. If you roll a 1 or a 3, the first batter will score those runs and stay in bat. If the bowler rolls an even number, the batter will get those runs, but the other batter will be next as they're facing the bowler. Remember to keep their scores and keep the totals. If the bowler rolls a 5, this means the current batter could be out. The bowler rolls the dice again and this will determine how they could get a wicket.

1.  The bowler bowled a wide, so no-one is out!

2. No ball, so no wickets there!

3. Bowled out!

4. Caught by a wicket keeper or fielder (you can choose)

5. LBW! Out!

6. Run out!

When the batting team have lost 10 wickets, it's time for that team to bowl. Repeat until the other team have lost 10 wickets and see who wins!

You can play cricket using dice, pen and paper

72. Snap!

Card games are often complicated and some people – we're looking at you competitive uncles – often bend the rules to suit their own ambitions to win. You can't go wrong with a game of Snap. You may have some cards which are made especially for Snap, which is great and you'll know what to do. If not, you can alway use traditional deck of playing cards. Shout 'SNAP!' when you've matched numbers, kings, queens, jacks or aces. Make it even trickier by only allowing cards of the same suit or colour!

73. Hangman

You need two players for this word game. Whoever goes first will think of an object, a book, a song – whatever you like – then write it down on a piece of paper as a series of dashes. So Beano would be _ _ _ _ _. Then your opponent has to guess what it is, one letter at a time. If your opponent guesses a letter incorrectly, you begin to draw a gallows one piece at a time, including a stickman figure. If you draw both and your opponent basically runs out of letters and can't guess, you win.

74. Noughts and Crosses

In America, they call this game Tic-tac-toe. We have no idea why because this has nothing to do with small mints or the little fingers on the end of your foot. Basically, you draw a nine-square grid to begin with, then you and your opponent must decide who will be X and O. Then you take turns drawing your chosen letter in the grid until one of you gets three in a row!

Computer Games

75. Slime Making Game

Want to make some slime without all the... ick? Why not play our mess-free slime making game? There's loads of types of slime to play with,, from ghost green slime to pink glitter, plus there's a whole load of cool and colourful ingredients to add so you can customise your designs to match your personality. So if you're feeling creative and want to get slimy, then Beano's Slime Maker is just the ticket!


76. Random Island Generator

If you've been playing Animal Crossing and have had some trouble coming up for the perfect name for your island, why not check out our Random Island Generator? Simply answer our 5 simple questions about your favourite parts of nature, holidays, and tropical adventures to feed information into the random generator, and you'll get the perfect name for your own island. Have your say about your favourites - do you like museums more than shopping? Camping more than caving? Or you do prefer planes over trains? If you're not happy with the results, make sure to click the 'randomise' button to give you endless ideas, or take the test again and give completely different answers for even more results! Listen to the bongos and the seagulls, welcoming you to start a new life in your personal paradise!

77. Forknite

How about Forknite, our vegetable matching game? Minnie's been served up a plate of vile veg and she needs your help to eat them and defeat them! So do you reckon you're up to the challenge? If the answer's yes, then what are you waiting for? Oh, you probably want to know how to play! Well, don't worry, it's easy - just use Minnie's fork to clear the tray by using your finger (or mouse!) to connect groups of 3 veg or more before the timer runs out! So if you fancy helping Minnie by munching some villainous veg, get ready, get set and get crunching!

78. Mythical Creature Generator

Check out's totally random animal generator – open up this magical book to summon mythical creatures! vClick the 'Next' button to watch the powerful tome open up and flip through its ancient pages. With the rustle of paper, and a hint of magic sparkle, the book will turn to a totally new page, combining the front and back halves of two magical animals to make a mystical hybrid before your eyes. Check out our Nar-maid, Spri-rebat, Kai-mander and more! With over a thousand different possible combinations, you'll probably never see the same one twice!

79. Personality Quiz

It's quite easy to drift off into a daydream and imagine which character from your favourite show closely resembles you. Or which Fortnite victory dance you're exactly like. Or maybe you're often wondering which K-pop idol you are. We've all done it. To save you time, the personality quiz scientists at Beano HQ have devised a whole heap of blam quizzes to give you the answers you've been searching for! Why not dip your toe into one of our hundreds of personality quizzes?

80. Trivia Quiz is also home to hundreds of different trivia quizzes too. If you're into football, TV, YouTubers, movies, animals, geography... there's everything you could think of, right here!