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Guess The Roblox YouTuber Quiz

We're sure you know your TanqR from your DanTDM, but how much do you really know?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 16th 2022

The world of Roblox YouTubers is a big one, and to really know your stuff you have to check out a lot of different channels! So how much do you know about some of Roblox's biggest streamers? Let's log on and get down to it, there's only one way to really test your knowledge, and that's right here! Let's go!


Who ALWAYS wear's blue?


Who has a Bacon Buddy?

TanqR | YouTube

Who has a rivalry with TanqR?

dantdm | Instagram

What is DanTDM short for?


Whose Dad is OldManGamingHD?


Who has a virtual mascot called Frank?


Who likes unicorns the most?


Which Youtuber's family is from Ukraine?

Sketch | YouTube

Sketch is whose twin?


Who has a crab mascot?

Oh dear! Maybe you need to get back online and check out some of those YouTuber's videos a bit more closely!

Not bad at all! You've got a good knowledge of these famous YouTubers, but there is still room for improvement! Why not try again?

Epic! Great effort, you know almost everything there is to know! Exceptional stuff! We're very impressed, and you should be proud!

Wow! Are you for real? Are you a YouTuber yourself?! You know everything there is to know! Congrats! Wahoo!