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Hyperdrive Quiz - Can you Take The Lead?

Hyperdrive is one of the fastest and most high energy shows out there - but how well do you know this spectacle of speed?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 4th 2022

With competitors from all walks of life, they are joined together by their desire to win and to compete in one of the greatest races on Earth! High speed, high octane and big energy is what sets Hyperdrive apart from the rest! So buckle up, get that safety gear on and start your engines, because it’s about to get really really intense in here! On your marks! Let’s GOOO!


Where does Hyperdrive take place?


Are motorbikes allowed?


What is the name of the enormous seesaw?


What must drivers do in the Water Cannon round?


What happens in the Force Perspective round?


How many contestants take part?

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What is Stacy Lee May’s nickname?


What is most important about driving?


What colour is the trophy?


Where is Karolina Pilarczyk from?

Oh dear! Not your finest work! It looks like your car has broken down before you even made it to the starting line! Well, the good thing about racing is that you can always have another go, so let’s put the car in neutral, engage the handbrake and reset the engine - it’s time to try again!

Nice score! You’ve gotten the grips with the basics of the Hyperdrive course, but we think that you can do better! So let’s refill the engine, check the tyre pressure and get out there for another shot, we know you’ve got it in you to do even better! Nobody got to the top of the league on their first try after all!

Awesome! What a great score, you’re up there with the best racers in the business, oops, we mean quizzers! Excellent work, you should be very pleased with yourself! When life throws a challenge at you, you just switch it up into the next gear and get right on through it - that’s the spirit! Why not have another go and see if you can get 100%?!

Incredible, you’re the real master of the Hyperdrive! Forget all the other competition, you've left them squarely in the dust behind you. In fact you’re so far ahead that we can barely see you! But don’t worry, just soak it up, this is what glory feels like! Well done, why not try out some of our amazing racing games and put those skills to the test?!