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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: November 10th 2021

Can you match the doodle?

Did you ever wonder what happens when a boring school jotter becomes caked in random scribbles and somehow comes to life as an interactive puzzle game? Well wait no more!

Welcome to Doodle Match, where you have to exactly what it says on the tin and match that doodle! First, tap and drag a doodle into the oval area at the bottom of the screen, then try and find its matching doodle and bring it to the same oval.

It’s harder than it looks though – there are a whole tangle of doodles for each and every level, and time is ticking! You’ll have to match all the drawings before the timer runs out, and you’re forced to stop daydreaming and go back to class.

With over ten levels, how long can you make this doodle daydream last? The number of doodles increases each level, meaning that you have to try your best to not get tangled up between unicorns and crocodiles, kites and guitars, rubber duckies and dollies and doodles upon doodles upon doodles! Can you untangle yourself and make it to the top?

Level 1 – Back to class! Did you read the instructions or just daydream and doodle your way through them too?

Level 2 – Doodle don’t mind if I do! Help yourself to another go and see if you can scribble your way to the next level.

Level 3 – Doodle do! Not a bad attempt, if I say so myself – even your teacher would be impressed!

Level 4 – Scrawl to greatness! Well done – not even the Bash Street Kids could get this far in the game

Level 5+ Can you beat level 5? Well, if you can, you truly are a scribblenaut