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Minecraft Education Edition quiz

You can learn things on Minecraft now? Course you can! Find out how much you know about the classroom version of the world's favourite building game!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
1/12 A Minecraft player feeding fluffy
Minecraft | Mojang

Minecraft Education Edition is an official version of Minecraft.


Where are you supposed to play Minecraft Education Edition?

3/12 Some Minecraft animals
@Minecraft | Instagram

Which of these things are you NOT supposed to do in Minecraft Education Edition?

4/12 The coding robot in Minecraft Education Edition
Minecraft | Mojang

What's the name of the robot that helps you write code in the game?

5/12 Minecraft Education Edition
Minecraft | Mojang

What does Minecraft Education Edition often get shortened to?

6/12 A woman doing some difficult maths
@hyperx | giphy

What subjects can you learn using the game?

7/12 The camera in Minecraft
Minecraft | Mojang

There's an inbuilt camera in Minecraft Education Edition, so you can show your work. What does it come with?

8/12 A dog with some old fashioned writing tools

Book and...?

9/12 The International Space Station in Minecraft
Minecraft | Mojang

You can visit the International Space Station in Minecraft. True or false?

10/12 Some fingernails on a chalk board

What would you do with a chalk board?

11/12 The ocean in Minecraft
@Minecraft | Instagram

What gaming modes are there in the game?

@Minecraft | Instagram

You can't personalise your skins in the Education Edition, because that's not school-y enough. True or false?

Minecraft | Mojang

Uh oh! You'd better play some more Minecraft, right away!

Minecraft | Mojang

Pretty good! You can do better though. Try a different quiz?

Minecraft | Mojang

Nicely done! You must learn LOADS of things on Minecraft! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

Minecraft | Mojang

Wahoo! You did it! You know loads about Minecraft!