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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: November 29th 2021


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and at the North Pole, Saint Nick was still sorting the nice and naughty scroll. For he needed assistance, from YOU, little elf – to decide who was NICE, and who needed HELP!

With time running out before Santa hops in his sleigh and takes to the skies, there are still presents to be sorted out. But before the reindeer can be loaded up, SOMEBODY has to decide who goes on which list?

People of all sorts can go on the naughty or nice list – check out the variety of people who appear (wearing all kinds of silly glasses and pulling funny faces!). Just like in real life, it’s not their appearance that matters – it’s their ACTION that counts.

In this Naughty or Nice game YOU have to READ the description of what each one has done (or hasn’t done!) and choose whether or not they deserve to be on the nice list or the naughty list. But be quick about it – there’s only so much time before Santa begins his Christmas deliveries!

Please and thank you? Nice! BUT NOT saying please and thank you? Not so nice!

Burping during dinner? Not so naughty? BUT Burping right in Granny’s face? Definitely Naughty!!

There are six levels to attempt before Santa’s sleigh prepares for lift-off; can you keep your Christmas track record in check and deliver the goods? But be careful – not every decision is an easy one – you might have to scratch your head to figure out whether someone is naughty or nice. Sort through those shades of grey and see the red and green that’s underneath.

This training exercise is brought to you by the Gnational Elf Service – only on!