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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: January 14th 2022

Snake a chance on this bite-sized .io game!

Take a snake for a spin in this egg-eating arcade game! Use your mouse keys to rotate the snake left and right, or the on-screen controls.

There are 4 different types of eggs to collect before your opponents do, each worth 1 point. Watch out for the other snakes – they’re big bad and mad for eggs too! They will shrink the size of your snake and lower your score if they get the chance to bite your tail. Plus if they bite your head, it’s game over, and time to start again.

Did you know that there are over 3000 species of snake spread out across the globe? All snake species are carnivorous, meaning that they eat some kind of animal life. From bugs and instects, to small amphibians and reptiles, some snakes prefer warm-blooded prey like mammals and birds, while others stick with fish or eggs. Some snakes in real life even eat other snakes

In case you’re struggling to get your favourite webgames like or to work, we hope you’ll scale back a bit and try this version instead. If you want to score big, run away from the bigger snakes as soon as you see them, to buy yourself some time. Stick to the corners rather than the wide open spaces where you’re vulnerable from all directions, and just keep collecting those colourful eggs! Can you snake your way up the leaderboard?

0-10 Yikes. Give yourself a snake and try again, that’s not a good score
10-20 What do you hear when a snake gets a score as bad as this? BA-DUM-HISSSSS!
20-30 Well, fangs for trying! You grabbed a lot of eggs, but can you do better?
30-40 Eggsellent! I would be proud of your shell-f for that!
40-50 You took a bite out of the competition with that high score!
50+ Viperactive! That’s a venom-minal score that even WE can’t beat!