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Roblox Bedwars Quiz For The Wide Awake!

Wake up, rub those eyes and log on to one of the newest, freshest and challenging game modes! Let's go!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 8th 2022

Just imagine it, coming home from a long day of hitting the blox and BAM! Someone has destroyed your bed! Disaster! But that's what Bedwars is all about! So let's get down to it and see how much you know about this amazing game-mode!


When was Bedwars released?


What is French for bed?

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Where do players respawn?


Which of these is NOT a map?


What is Melody's special item?


What is the aim of the game?


How many Emerald Generators are there on the Castle map?

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What is the Beekeeper's name?


How many Emerald Generators are there in Bed Royale?

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What does Vulcan's tablet do?

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Are you asleep? C'mon! But never mind, getting good at Roblox takes time, practice, and just a little bit of skill! Why not try the quiz again and see how well you can do!?

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Alright! Good effort, you've played this game before haven't you?! But there is still room for improvement - why not have another go and see if you can get a higher score!?

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Ok! Now we're really getting there! Great score! You're almost a world-leading expert in this! Well done! Keep it up and you'll be a Roblox champ before you know it!

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Wow! Now THIS is worth getting out of bed for! With scores like this you're probably top third of the leaderboard every time you play! Other players need to watch out around you - NO BED IS SAFE!