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The Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Quiz

How well do you know the Wizarding World's love of Halloween? Answer some Halloween based Harry Potter questions to find out if you're an expert in all things Halloween!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 17th 2022

Are you a Harry Potter Halloween head? It's time to find out with this quiz! We've put together the ultimate spooky Harry Potter Halloween quiz to test you! And if you liked this, there's more Harry Potter stuff here! Why not try this ultimate Ravenclaw Quiz for brainboxes? Or maybe you want to know Which Hogwarts Teacher You Are? Or have a go at this tricky Dumbledore Quote Quiz!

1/10 Beano monsters on starry background

What creature is loose in the school on Halloween in the first book?

2/10 Balloon Voldemort with Beano pumpkin

True or false: Harry's parents were attacked by Voldemort on Halloween?

3/10 Beano ghosts and cobwebs on stone background

Whose death day party do Harry and his friends attend on Halloween in the second book?

4/10 Portrait of derpy lady on stone background

Who attacks the Fat Lady on Halloween in the third book?

5/10 Beano pumpkin on broomstick on magic background

How does Hogwarts celebrate Halloween?

6/10 Potato Harry and Beano cake on Halloween background

True or false: Harry's birthday is on Halloween?

7/10 Goblet and fire with eyes on magic background

What happens in The Goblet Of Fire on Halloween?

8/10 Hall full of spooky things

Which of these is a Hogwarts Halloween decoration?

9/10 Potato Harry and sneaky snake

What does Harry and his friends discover on Halloween in book 2?

10/10 Halloween food with question marks

Which of these is served at the Hogwarts Halloween feast?

Oh no result

Noooo! Looks like you need to go back and read the books all over again! Have another go and see if you remembered anything else about Halloween at Hogwarts!

Try again result

You've picked up a couple of facts about Harry Potter Halloween, but not enough to ace this quiz! Try again!

Well done result

Good job, you're clearly a big fan of Harry AND Halloween! But can you get full marks next time?

Magic result

Woah! You're the ultimate Harry Potter Halloween expert! Incredible work!