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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: May 6th 2021

T-Rex Runner

Are you sick and tired of having to unplug your wifi router to play Google’s awesomely entertaining dinosaur jumping game? Well, has got you covered!

Meet the Tap-a-saurus Rex, a dinosaur who’s just trying to make a good run of it (before a gigantic flaming asteroid hits home). Tap to make her jump, to help her dodge her way over obstacles and get where she’s going. Make sure you don’t get tricked and prickled by a cactus, or swept off your giant dino feet by the pesky Pteradactyls who rule the Jurassic-sized skies!

Want some tips to help prevent T-Wrecks?

– Don’t get discouraged if you keep crashing at the start of the game – the rhythm can take a little while to get used to.
– Careful when the game speeds up, every so often. That’s when you’re at the biggest risk for making a mistake
– Ptera’s appear on screen in two positions; don’t waste your time randomly jumping, in case you hit the ones that are higher up, or land in a spiky spot.
– Don’t forget about the cacti at the bottom of the screen! They’re green, so they can blend in and catch you off guard if you’re focused on the other obstacles.

What score can YOU manage?

00-30 – Meteor Strikeout! – Yikes, you crashed and burned that one didn’t you? Try again!
30-60 – A Rocky Start! – You’re starting to used to being a T-Rex, but don’t let those enemies Ptera-fy you!
60-120 – Cac-ting up! – Wow your score has spiked. Nice done – just keep on growing and beak kind to yourself!
120-200 – Jurassic Lark – You’ve definitely got the hang of it now – consider yourself queen of the Jurassic jungle!
200+ – T-Wrecking Ball! – You’re destroying our high scores! If this T-rex had bigger arms, she’d definitely give you a high five (instead of chomping you in one bite)!