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Ultimate Vegan Food Quiz!

How much do you know about vegan treats? Test your plant-based trivia here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
1/10 A bee on some honeycomb

Why won't vegans eat honey?

2/10 A splash of milk

Which of the following types of milk products are suitable for vegans?

3/10 Tortilla chips

Could a vegan eat Doritos Chilli Heatwave tortilla chips?

4/10 A pile of delicious biscuits

Which biscuits should vegans avoid?

5/10 A bowl of seitan

What is seitan made from?

6/10 A glass of fizzy pop

Which of the following fizzy drinks is not suitable for vegans?

7/10 Tofu

What is tofu made from?

8/10 A serving of peanut butter

Can a vegan eat peanut butter?

9/10 A blob of mayonnaise

Which ingredient in regular mayonnaise makes it not suitable for vegans?

10/10 A person holding an apple and a burger on some scales

A vegan diet will help you lose weight. True or false?

Oh no

Oh dear! Are you eating a burger right now?

Good work

Good work! Why not have another go and you might get an even bigger score!

Great stuff

Great stuff!ย You know your stuff when it comes to vegan trivia!


Wow! If there's such a thing as a vegan genius, then you're it!