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14 Question Unusual Animal Quiz

Do you know your armadillo from your axoltyl? Test how well you know the weirdness of the animal kingdom with these unusual creature quiz questions!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 18th 2022

The animal kingdom is a WEIRD place. See how well you know it with these very unusual animal quiz questions! Only real animal experts will get a high score!

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Let's start with a gross one! Where is a cockroach's brain?


What's this cute little animal?


Capybaras can run as fast as... what?


Thousands and thousands of years ago, sloths were as big as elephants. True or false?


Leafcutter ants don't actually eat the leaves they collect. What do they do with the leaves, then?


Why are flamingos pink?


Fill in the blank! Koala's ____ are very similar to humans.


How do ghost crabs growl?


Blue whales are much bigger than elephants. How heavy is an adult blue whale?

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Which of these animals kills the most humans every year?


Different whales around the world have different accents. True or false?


Pigeons aren't as stupid as people think! Which of these things are they surprisingly good at?


Some frogs can freeze solid and survive. True or false?


What colour are giraffe's tongues?

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