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What Percentage Ravenclaw Are You?

It's time to see how much of a Ravenclaw you are! Answer some Harry Potter themed questions, and we'll tell you if you belong with in Ravenclaw!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 31st 2022

Are you witty enough to be in Ravenclaw, where brains are prized above all else? It's time to find out with this quiz! Choose some Harry Potter themed things, and we'll tell you exactly how much of a Ravenclaw you really are!

1/10 Magic book and screaming snitch

Pick a school subject

2/10 Beano Harry Potter Teachers

Choose a teacher

3/10 Toad in hat

Pick a pet

4/10 Jars of sweets, magic splat and dragon

Pick a sweet

5/10 Doorknocker with face and question mark

Pick a challenge

6/10 Brooms on magic background with screaming beachball

Pick an attribute

7/10 Kitten in cauldron with splats

If you had a problem, where would you go?

8/10 Robin Hood
Robin Hood | Walt Disney Pictures | Buena Vista Distribution | Wolfgang Reitherman

Pick a Disney film

9/10 Girl casting spell at screaming pineapple

Choose a spell

10/10 Raven in tie with question mark

Choose a Ravenclaw

0% Result


Uh oh, looks like you are not very Ravenclaw at all! Maybe you're more into scheming, like a Slytherin? Or teamwork, like Hufflepuff? Or being brave, like Gryffindor? Either way, you are not a Ravenclaw!

50% result


You are a bit of a Ravenclaw! You possess some classic Ravenclaw traits, like a love of learning, but you're not quite as obsessed with homework as you could be!

75% result


You are pretty Ravenclaw! You love learning, books and riddles but you also possess a darker side - oooh, spooky! Don't use that knowledge for evil!

100% result


You are 100% Ravenclaw! You're so Ravenclaw, you're practically a bird! You love learning, knowledge and puzzles, and you always have something wise or witty to say!