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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: December 2nd 2019

What's Your Rubber Chicken Name?

If you’ve ever met a rubber chicken, you’ll know these birds don’t go around with normal, boring everyday chicken names like the rest of us – you know, names like Keith. Or Barbara.

No, in fact, rubber chicken choose their names thanks to an ancient rubber chicken secret device that has, until now, never been seen by humans at all! But because it’s Chickmas at the Beano, we’ve decided to reveal the Rubber Chicken Name Generator so you and your friends can learn the wonders of rubber chicken names for yourselves! 

So if you’ve been waiting for a new name, now’s your chance – simply tell the Name Generator a little bit about you and it will compute your special, unique Chicken Name in seconds! What name will you get? Something chickeney? We bet you will!