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Harry Potter Quiz: Which Teacher Are You?

Are you more Snape or Sprout? Find out with this quiz that tells you which Hogwarts teacher you are! Answer some questions and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2022

Which one of Hogwarts esteemed professors are you? It's time to find out! Answer some school-themed questions and see what your magical teaching style is!


Pick a muggle subject


How do you feel about homework?


Choose a wand wood

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Pick a magical extra curricular activity


What's at the bottom of your school bag?


Choose the name for a pet owl


Choose something to bring with you into the Forbidden Forest


Pick a famous wizard


Where do you like to sit in class?


Pick an excuse for being late

Snape result

Professor Snape

You're Snape! You're the potions master and you're a bit of a scary teacher! You like to make sure everyone knows you're in charge, and woe betide anyone who doesn't do their homework!

McGonagall result

Professor McGonagall

You're McGonagall! You're strict but fair, and you work your students hard! Sometimes you might give them a treat, like turning into a cat, but mostly its study, study, study!

Flitwick result

Professor Flitwick

You're Flitwick! You're not a very intimidating teacher, but that's ok, because everyone likes you! Your classes are a lot of fun and everyone looks forward to them! They don't always work as hard as they could though!

Sprout result

Professor Sprout

You're Sprout! You love getting your hands dirty and doing lots of practical classes - no textbooks for you! Your pupils know they're usually in for a fun time with you...although sometimes, depending on the plant, a dangerous time too!