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What Tik Tok Dance Should You Do?

Not sure what dance you should master? Take this quiz to find out what you should REALLY be doing on Tik Tok!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 13th 2022

There are a LOT of dances on Tik Tok - but you knew that already! The real question is which one should you be learning right now? Do you like dancing with friends? Simple shuffling or complicated choreography? Answer these Tik Tok-tastic questions and we'll put you in the right direction!

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How much of the day do you spend dancing?


What kind of dances do you prefer?

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Who's your dance inspiration?


Pick one:

5/10 A big pair of clown shoes
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What did you last dance in?

@lizzobeeating | giphy

Pick a pop star:

@burgerrecords | giphy

What style?

8/10 A camera operator

What's the most important thing about doing a Tik Tok dance?


Pick a type of music:

@mtvu | giphy

When you're not dancing, what are you doing?

I Like To Move It Move It!

You should do the I Like To Move It Move It dance! This is a fun dance to do with a friend, and has lots of shuffling and hops! It's not the easiest dance, but it's also not the hardest - and the good thing about it is if you mess it up it doesn't matter too much!

Iko iko!

You should do the iko iko dance! This is a pretty long dance and tricky to learn - but for cheerfulness it can't be beaten! This is probably medium difficulty just because it's quite long, but grab a friend and don't forget to smile!


You should do the Stay dance! This goes with a song by Justin Bieber and is REALLY easy! It's basically just a kind of bum wiggle! That's it!

Ski Mask the Slump God!

You should do the Ski Mask the Slump God dance! This is a really hard dance made famous by Charli D'Amelio, but you're an expert so you can handle it! It's got a mix of slow and fast movements, and is loads of fun to play around with the timings. And like everything on Tiktok, it doesn't matter too much if you mess it up - just be yourself!