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20 Funny WWE Jokes and Puns to Wrestle With

Get ready to Laugh Out Loud with these hilariously funny WWE Jokes and one-liners!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  October 28th 2022

Let's get reaaaaaaaady to chuuuuuuckle! If you love wrestling and enjoy laughing at 20 jokes in a row, then this is the page for you!

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What was Big E called when he was a child?

Little E!

What is the WWE wrestler Myles Borne known as in Europe?

Kilometres Borne!

What do you call a wrestler that eats everyone's food?

Julius Greed!

Why couldn't the rubbish wrestler light their BBQ?

They lost all their matches!

A roaring barbecue

What is a wrestler’s least favourite vegetable?

An artichoke!

What was the Ultimate Warrior before he became the Ultimate Warrior?

The Penultimate Warrior!

What is a WWE chef's favourite move?

The soup-plex!

A chef

What did the film reviewer say about the WWE movie?

It was very Cena-matic!

Why did the WWE ref ban mud from the wrestling ring?

They wanted a clean fight!

Why did the wrestler bring a sheet of paper to the match?

In case The Rock was his opponent!

Why is the WWE a bit silly?

It's a bunch of people in underpants fighting over a belt!

No WWE event is ever sold out...

They always have a couple of chairs hidden under the ring!

What kind of music are all wrestlers scared of?

The Rock!

Guitar Jokes

What did John Cena say to the Japanese chef?Β 

You can't SASHIMI!

Why did The Rock leave the WWE?

Because he heard The Paper was about to wrestle them!

I'm creating an origami WWE match...

It's paper view!

What's a comedians favourite wrestling move?

The Knee Slapper!

What did little John Cena say to his teacher when she marked his test?

You can't C me!

Did you hear that Chuck Norris and Superman once had a wrestling contest?

The loser had to wear their underpants over their trousers!

Why did the wrestler send their Sunday dinner back?

It was Stone Cold!

Sunday dinner