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20 Best Zodiac Sign Jokes & Puns

These zodiac puns will leave you starry eyed! Check out these funny zodiac jokes and see which ones make you laugh the most!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  October 28th 2022

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I really hope I win the zodiac competition...

Or at least get a constellation prize!

My friend stop talking to me because of all my zodiac puns

It Taurus apart!

What sort of twins sparkle?


I always knew I was destined to be a Libra...

It was written in the stars!

Why should you never hang out with Cancers?

They're always crabby!

I hate Capricorns...

They really get my goat!

I'm pretty sure my starsign is a fish...

I just need to put the Pisces together!

What do Leos eat?

Lion bars!

What kind of corn do goats eat?


I don't like Pisces...

There's something fishy about them!

Which zodiac sign didn't make it off the Titanic?


I don't like Scorpios...

They're always so nippy!

What do zodiac signs use to pay for things?


Why should you always ask a Libra for their opinion?

To get a balanced view!

Which star sign is covered in scales?

Pisces? No, Libra!

I don't believe in zodiac signs...

But that's because I'm a Taurus

Did you hear about the shop full of Aries?

It was rammed!

Where do Sagittarius go when they're sick?

The horsepital!

What tells your future at Halloween?

A horrorscope!

What's got hooves and can tell your future?

A zodiyak!